What does “andiamore” mean?

My undergraduate minor is linguistic anthropology. That’s the study of how a language directs the way that its speakers view the world- how they perceive time, space, relationships (between people and between things), etc. Learning a language, you learn about what is culturally relevant/important to its native speakers and a new way of perceiving the world, which changes the way your brain wires!

When I visit a new country, I make a point to learn to say “let’s go” in the local language. This began when I spent a month in Italy a few summers ago and constantly heard the word “andiamo.” I just love how exciting it sounds, even phonetically.

“Andiamo” in Italian means let’s go.
And, “amore” in Italian means love.
Andiamore– let’s go, guided by love.

Love often involves an element of curiosity, which invites exploration, openness to possibilities, and in a secure relationship- courage.

name: Yasmin

a few interests: relationships/affiliation, neuroscience (neuroendocrinology), psychology, linguistics. I’m interested in nero- everything!

some hobbies: hiking, snowboarding, photography, baking/cooking, dancing, learning & teaching

a couple of values: honesty/authenticity, kindness, growth/learning, self-awareness, self-development, courage and connection.

I am a currently in a Master of Science program studying Industrial/Organizational Psychology and will graduate in January 2018.
I am also certified in Laughter Yoga and lead workshops with my sister Michelle.

I love teaching. I have guest lectured at Kingsborough and Fashion Institute of Technology.

I want do consulting, coaching,  leadership development, teaching and public speaking.