My undergraduate minor is linguistic anthropology. In brief, that’s the study of how a language directs the way that its speakers view the world- how they perceive time, space, relationships (between people and between things), etc. When I visit a new country, I make a point to learn to say “let’s go” in the local language. This began when I spent a month in Italy a few summers ago and constantly heard the word “andiamo.” I just love how exciting it sounds, even phonetically.

“Andiamo” in Italian means let’s go.
And, “amore” in Italian means love.
Andiamore– let’s go, guided by love.


name: Yasmin

a few interests: relationships/affiliation, neuroscience (neuroendocrinology), psychology, linguistics

some hobbies: hiking, snowboarding, photography, baking/cooking, dancing, exercise, learning & teaching

a couple of values: honesty/authenticity, kindness

I am a current Master of Science candidate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I’m also certified in Laughter Yoga and lead workshops with my sister Michelle.

In the future, I want do consulting/executive coaching, corporate team building, leadership development, teaching and ultimately, public/motivational speaking.