Laughter Yoga

My sister Michelle and  I are certified laughter yoga leaders.


Laughter has many physiological (biochemical), physical, psychological and social  benefits, including:

– facilitates social relationships (strengthens relationships and group bonding)
-reduces stress (lowers stress hormones)
-promotes the release of endorphins (making you feel light and relaxed)
-burns an average of 400 calories/hour
-boosts immunity
-improves mood
-enhances resilience
-eases anxiety& fear
-promotes joy & playfulness

Laughter & Mindfulness workshops are great for fundraising events, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, (family) reunions, team building and community building, retreats, mental-health workshops, etc.
Laughing is healing, healthy and fun!

As Dr. Stuart Brown shares, the opposite of play is not work, it’s depression.

To stay updated about upcoming classes,
Join us on Meetup:
Instagram: @loveleadlaugh

To view our scheduled classes and register,visit

To schedule an event or workshop, write to us:

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