Relationship Coaching

I’m grateful and energized to share that I’ll be starting to offer relationship coaching for couples in committed relationships (i.e. premarital)

I have always been fascinated by relationships-platonic and romantic and this strong interest led me to learn about how to develop effective and secure relationships with ourselves, friends, co-workers, partner, etc.

I attended a training in couples therapy by Drs. John & Julie Gottman and ultimately went on to study, and as of recently complete my coursework in I/O psychology. My interest centered on learning how to create cultures and environments that help people feel significant and supported at work.

When we’re in such environments we become better and braver.

The growth journey is reliably uncomfortable, uncertain and scary, and so, so rewarding.

I’m taking this step to continue my mission in supporting people to develop growth oriented relationships. The quality of our relationships is directly related to the quality of life we experience.

When we’re in good relationships in any life domain, this positively spills over to any and all other areas of our lives. (The opposite is valid too)

The coaching I am offering is not a substitute to couples therapy. It’s an investment in preemptively building a strong and successful relationship. We’ll develop and strengthen self awareness, other awareness (metaemotions-how do we feel about feelings? What are our triggers? How do we resolve conflict effectively, to become more connected and express our needs safely? How do we know what our boundaries are and how do we communicate them?, etc.)
We’ll also set relationship goals (hahha #relationshipgoals) and develop a lighthearted relationship that draws on humor and playfulness for connection and resilience.

If you’re interested in learning more and exploring whether this could be a good fit, let’s chat
The first exploratory session is complimentary and there’s no commitment to continue in case it’s not the right fit. A coaching relationship needs to feel right.

The first 3 clients to sign up after deciding to give it a go, will be offered an introductory promotional price, like reallllly discounted.

Email me with any questions at

And please share with anyone who you think can benefit from seeing this message

Even if not through working with me, my wish for you is to invest in secure, mutualistic relationships that nurture you and help you grow, be better and braver.

Cheers to 20great-teen 🎉